Out With The Old, In With The Beards

Uhmazing Spiderman may have been cancelled, but we have a new, bigger project in the works. I can’t give out too much information right now, but it’s on a bigger scale than anything we have(n’t) done.


Also we’re welcoming in a new Beard. More information on both will be coming soon.


The Uhmazing Spiderman April Update

Progress So Far.

It’s been a pretty busy month both Yip and I, a lot of family issues, but despite everything we’ve reached our initial goal to get done for this month. The original story we had planned has been cut up and tossed out, and come next months update, we should be able to finally talk about it. Don’t worry though, New York is still destroyed and the infinitely better New Ark is in. We have 8 maps (all created from Tiled – and partially designed in Paint.NET), which includes Peter Parker’s apartment, New Arks infamous Slumpartments, and the dreaded monster infested Sewers that sits right below the Slumpartments. I’m confident to say that once we start adding in dialogue, secret areas, side quests, etc. that there will be at least a good hour and a half worth of content just from these maps. We’ve also created some more portraits (credits are on the first post), and here’s a teaser of some said new portraits. We’ll be posting more character profiles on the front page sometime in May.





As I said, all the maps have been designed within Tiled and partially done in Paint.NET as well. The maps aren’t super 100% done (especially the massive Slumpartment sewers), but we think they’re good enough for your beautiful eyes to gaze at. These maps should make up for our hideous mockups that we made back in 2012.






The UhMazing Spiderman RPG is Back and Better Than Ever!

We found some oddly misplaced reason to pick this project back up. We missed it. It missed us. We’re in love again.

We’ve Cancelled UhSpid

We’re working on other things fuck off nobody even cares.

Poll: Art Direction

EDIT: Thanks for the feedback, ya fucks! Rather than listen to the voters, we decided to mix the two styles to go with a Commander Keen-ish look.

Your vote counts. It helps us not only allow people potentially interested in our game to voice their opinions, but it also helps us gauge interest and dedication (because clicking a button counts as dedication, right?)

Please, take this commemorative poster as a token.

Also available in larger sizes. Not that you need them.

Early UhSpid Progress

So, we’ve been hard at work on the Uhmazing Spiderman pre-production, and we just want to let y’all know where we’re at as of now. (You can read more about The Uhmazing Spiderman RPG here, though keep in mind specific updates will be more frequent here.)

As of today, we’re drawing out the map on paper before it’s built on-screen. We’ll update with screenshots as we see fit. Confederacy/Antioxicate/faggot-face is also drawing the faces for speech, etc, and maybe we’ll tease a bit of that as well.

The Uhmazing Spiderman RPG Teaser

Check this shit out.