About Us

Remarkable Beards is currently a team of two ran by Confederacy and Yip. We aim for this venture to focus on creating games, comics, and anything for anyone that is willing to hire us for some odd reason.


Confederacy was born in the shitty state of Illinois, the only state where Bears aren’t scary. Go Packers. He was raised by two Catholic wolves, hence the stigmata on his hands and why he hates everything. His expertise is graphic design and not doing things, but he wrestles bears professionally and has earned the title of Platinum Wizard Bear Fighter as of 2011.


Yip was born in the dirty state of Wisconsin, the only state where Republicans get what they want. Go Ron Paul! He was raised by two very hateful parents and an evil stepmother, hence his narcissism and being a general douche. His expertise is music and not partying. On his spare time, he touches himself and writes homoerotic fanfics of Thom Yorke while listening to the sounds of Nickelback.

  1. u suck ass dude, fuck you and your site loser. Go burn in hell now and if you say something back you are proving my point loser.

    EDIT: im sory im just a big ass fagget who thinks green day is the best band ever.

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