The Uhmazing Spiderman

Original NES box art.

You play as Batman Spiderman, in the fictional and completely original city of New Ark. Why is Spiderman in New Ark, you might ask? Because you silly willy, New York got destroyed by like some big bomb or something. Now, the criminals he once helped put away have taken over, and it’s all up to Spiderman to go Medieval on their asses. But even Spiderman can’t do this alone. He’s going to have to gather a rag tag team of other heroes who may or may not like him. Okay, most of them don’t like him. They’re probably jealous of his sweet dance moves.

The game takes place in much of the city of New Ark, which was rebuilt on top of the ruined city of New York, which if you were to ask why, no one could explain other than blame it on New Jersey. When not fighting petty criminals, deviously malevolently nefarious ne’re-do-well villains, or romancing the wonderful lovely ladies, you’ll be allowed to explore five parts of the city (à la Deus Ex: Human Revolution or Batman: Arkham City). From doing mundane tasks of going to the dry cleaners as Bruce Wayne Peter Parker to signing autographs because you have a large ego. You will also be able to take on some side quests as well as explore the city, discovering secrets such as unlockable outfits.


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